In celebration of all things 420!

cooking with cannabinoids

In celebration of all things 420!

Special Workshop and Live Event!

We Provide the Herbs.

Come play with a variety of cannabinoids; Rosemary, Oregano and Hemp CBD. Every participant will take home their own standardized, medical grade, herbal infusion formulated with one full ounce of dried herb.


We Teach You Formulation

Learn the system for formulating your own herbal infusions based on standard dosing of 5mg/ml. Participants will have the opportunity to apply formulations to test recipes.


You Test Recipes

Special 420 Recipes include:
Vegan Coconut Curry
Pan Roasted Veggies
Gluten Free Socca Flatbread
Gluten Free Tiger Nut Brownies
Medicinal Ghee
Herbal Spritzers and a surprise dessert.

Master cannabinoid cooking and make your own herbal medicines!
This special 420 workshop will teach you basic principles of making herbal medicines to ensure success with every batch.
In this special live event, in celebration of 420, all materials are included in just one low fee! Come join at 6pm, Thorsday, April 20, 2023.Course materials include: 
  1. 1 oz of dry herb 
  2. 250 ml of Organic Olive Oil
  3. Dropper Bottles
In this class you will:
  • Learn how to formulate dosing for making herbal infusions and edibles, according to the best science. 
  • Learn the exact cooking method to give you the best herbal infusions to use as the basis for every healing purpose. 
  • Explore different cooking mediums and the advantages and disadvantages of each for medicinal self treatment.
  • Learn how to create your own healing cannabinoid infusion based on your choice of herbs.
  • Use herbal infusions to create and formulate your own food grade medicinal edible. 
Medicine Makers will also enjoy preparing and eating cannabinoid edibles including:
  • Vegan Coconut Curry Soup 
  • Pan Roasted Veggies
  • Gluten Free Socca Flatbread
  • Gluten Free Tiger Nut Brownies
  • Medicinal Ghee
  • Herbal Spritzers
  • and a surprise dessert!
Come join this special 420 evening for one low price of $67 including all materials!
Sign up today as seats are limited for this live workshop where we will learn to create our own unique healing remedies!

Time-limited sales! 

Don't miss this special live 420 event!
Doors close 24 hours before the event as this intimate gathering only has room for a circle of seven people. Sign up today and join us for this special cooking with cannabinoids experience.

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