6 Ways to Activate Internal Cannabis Naturally!

6 Tips to Activate Internal Cannabis for Health and Wellbeing

Or how to get high naturally without smoking weed…

1. Smile!

Considered the first position in Yoga, smiling causes the body to release Anandamide, the molecule of bliss. This cannabis mimicking, THC like molecule can relax, heal and rejuvenate the entire system, relieving stress, reducing pain and helping us come into a balanced heart rhythm.

2. Think good thoughts.

Having a happy, grateful and positive disposition is the master key to resiliency. A happy disposition, helps us align with compassion, joy and wellbeing regardless of the external circumstance. Again, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the feeling of wellbeing via activation of Anandamide, the molecule of bliss and 2 AG, a retrograde signaler that blocks pain signals. By actively using thoughts, anyone can activate healing on any level. The key is just believing and focusing on the best possible end result and feeling in that place.

3. Take hot baths.

The Vikings have used hydrotherapy for thousands of years to maintain health and wellbeing with good reason. The endocannabinoid system, ECS the master regulator of every system in the body, is critical to thermodynamic flow and therefore body temperature regulation. As we adjust to being immersed in hot water, 2AG the workhorse of the ECS and retrograde signaler is released to cool our jets and decrease pain from the heat. This results in pain relief with blockade of incoming pain signals while producing bliss with release of Anandamide, our internal THC.

4. Eat Hemp Oil

Hemp oil found in the refrigerator section of the grocery store has the most balanced Omega 3–6–9 oil profile of any oil on the market. It is also full of the entire spectrum of raw cannabinoids and particular CBG and CBDA, the active form of cannabis highly beneficial to cellular signaling and immune health. Simply by adding hemp oil to salads, smoothies or yogurt, one can benefit from full spectrum cannabis.

5. Stomp, jump, move!

The body is actually a biocrystal finely tuned to receive the highest frequencies of the Universe, aka God, the Divine, The Dude, Spirit, via endocannabinoid system signaling with fields of energetic patterns passed along from Ancestors et. Active, intentional and purposeful movement helps to fine tune your human biocrystal body to receive the highest, most loving and beneficial frequencies of the Universe.

6. Eat chocolate.

Contrary to what many people will erroneously tell you, chocolate does not actually contain cannabinoids, but instead much like CBD, blocks the reuptake of Anandamide, the molecule of bliss. That’s why we tend to reach for the chocolate when we are depressed. It’s a natural mood elevator.

Even small actions can add up to a big effect when it comes to nurturing your internal high or nursing a natural buzz. Over time and with consistency, these small steps can help to naturally build endocannabinoid tone which in turn promotes overall wellbeing and decreased pain due to increased cannabinoid receptor activation. In effect, the more you tone your endocannabinoid system with Anandamide activating exercises, the greater the effect over time.

Just like any garden in need of cultivation, our endocannabinoid system needs constant cultivation to keep healthy and beautiful and produce the most benefit. How will you tend your endocannabinoid garden today?