6 Rights of Cannabis Medication and Treatment Administration

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From Cannabis Nurse Zero to Cannabis Nurse Hero in Just a Few Weeks.

Nurses of every level and area of practice, will gain a solid foundation of professional nursing knowledge, theory and practice models for the integration of cannabis science into professional nursing practice.

  • Assume leadership roles in local communities as trusted health professionals and advocates for the safe and ethical integration of cannabis medicine into a global public health paradigm.
  • Develop a solid theoretical foundation of integrative plant medicine practice in order to safely navigate the legislative and political landscape of cannabis medication.
  • Transition to the future of nursing with an integrative worldview evolved from the healing traditions of holistic nursing, nurse herbalism and public health nursing.

Get on the leading edge of cannabis integration with a holistic worldview and integral models for practice to help guide you through the most difficult or challenging situations facing patients self treating with cannabis medication.

No matter what country you live in, this course is relevant to you!