My Story

Back in 2014, working with the first CBD imported from Switzerland, I encouraged patients to mix their own medicine with grocery store hemp oil and pure, natural, high quality CBD isolate. 

This was the least expensive way to take high dose CBD and exploit the benefits of the entourage effect for healing with high dose CBD.

Now years later, after legalization of CBD in 2019, and the flood of CBD products on the market, I realize how important it is to make my CBD products available to help more people who have no idea who to trust for buying CBD. seeking a very special CBD product, formulated by an experienced, board certified, holistic public health nurse coach.

Everyone who purchases CINCSciences CBD is encouraged to take advantage of the CBD education and information to help get started on your CBD journey. Free membership provides access to Q & A with Nurse Courtney for condition specific questions and basic CBD use. Membership also includes current research and updated CBD treatment information.