The Shocking Truth About CBD: You’re Probably Taking Too Little CBD for Your Health Condition.

According to a recent scientific review of the current literature.  Photo by Jan Zwarthoed on Unsplash

400mg of CBD per day is considered “low dose”, in scientific circles. 

I have been chanting the same mantra for years and years now, and finally the research is catching up to what I’ve said since I first started working with pure, natural, hemp derived CBD in 2014…

“Try More CBD.”

Most people do not take enough CBD, according to the science. 

From the research… ” The safety and efficacy of low oral doses of cannabidiol: An evaluation of the evidence” characterizes non-prescription CBD products in the United States and EU, as “low daily doses” of <1 mg/kg in capsules containing 10–50 mg CBD. Orally administered oils containing 15–240 mg/ml CBD, are also considered “low dose”. 

The CBD industry created low dose, high profit, standardization.

The commonly recommended oral daily wellness dosing, in the legal CBD industry has set the standard dosing of most CBD products at less than 100 mg CBD/day.  Forbes best illustrates the normalization of low dosing in the recent article, CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take? 

In this article, Cheryl Bugailiskis, M.D., a cannabis specialist at a telehealth platform for alternative medicine, gives the widely prolific, but wrong advice about CBD dosing:  “It’s best to start small and gradually increase your dose up to a level that gives you the desired effect.” 

This common misbelief and education about CBD dosing is maintained across the professional spectrum, from trained and board certified physicians to cannabis entrepreneurs and dispensary bud tenders. 

Photo by Cova Software on Unsplash

Steven Phan, founder of Come Back Daily, a CBD dispensary in New York, points out in the same article, “medical studies on CBD, have doses reaching hundreds of milligrams a day, which sounds severe compared to our starting dosage example of 25 milligrams”. 

Miseducation and promotion of low dose CBD, at high costs per milligram for patients, in tandem with mass market wellness industry villainization of high dose CBD products, effectively puts profits over patient beneficence and clearly demonstrates the moral standard of profits over people, in the CBD industry.

Even in Physicians.

Dosing according to the science.

In fact, most people are using low doses of CBD in the range of 10–25 mg per day. Much lower than the doses in clinical trials, between 600–3000 mg, which demonstrated the greatest efficacy, in most conditions.

Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash

Additionally, full spectrum CBD containing all the cannabinoids, including legal limits of 0.3% THC, actually reduces the overall amount of bioavailable CBD, exactly due to the “entourage effect” of cannabinoids and the presence of THC which is downgraded by CBD.

The presence of other cannabinoids in Full Spectrum products reduces the overall concentration of CBD, thereby increasing the need to take more product in order to reach evidence based, CBD dosing levels. 

Unfortunately, this is why most people experience the unwanted effects of THC, as they try to reach adequate CBD dosing while using Full Spectrum CBD, which increases the overall amount of THC and the possibility for an unwanted psychoactive effect.  

Since the vast amount of randomized controlled trials, RCT’s exploring Cannabidiol, CBD, over the last 40 years, have been conducted with CBD Isolate; an isolated form of Hemp derived CBD, and not Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, any recommendation to use Full Spectrum CBD is not scientifically accurate, nor supported by the majority of evidence over the past 40 years.

 Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam speaks about the lack of critical scientific research looking at the “Entourage Effect” in 2017, illustrating the lack of evidence supporting the industry trend of recommending Full Spectrum CBD, with low dosing.

Dr. Mechoulam addressed this 40+ year long trend toward misinformation and denial of evidence based cannabis science in mainstream healthcare, at the Institute of Cannabis Research Inaugural Conference in Pueblo, CO, April, 2017. 

 In this keynote speech he addresses the topic of CBD and CBD dosing. Watch.

A review of the science confirms the CBD dosing efficacy of clinical trials is high.

Once again, the study "The safety and efficacy of low oral doses of cannabidiol: An evaluation of the evidence," found clinical trials supported evidence the therapeutic effect of CBD is primarily centered around oral doses of 10–23 mg/kg. 

For a 150lb person that would mean a dosing range of 680 mg — 1500+mg daily!

And that’s a whole lotta CBD! 

Once again I say….

“ Try More CBD”


Courtney Allen-Gentry RN MSN PHN AWN-BC HWNC-BC is a board certified, holistic public health nurse coach, psychic medium, patient advocate, CBD cannabis nurse expert and spirit science and plant medicine specialist. With three decades of experience in the healthcare field, Nurse Courtney, has adapted an integrative model of holistic care incorporating the wisdom of traditional healing practices with modern science and technology, to provide compassionate, holistic care that honors the whole person. All the while, dealing with structural racism within professional organizations including: the American Holistic Nursing Association, the American Cannabis Nursing Association and The International Nurse Coaching Association, all organizations which have used my IP while excluding my work in the Integration of Cannabis Science into Nursing Practice. Please follow, clap, like and share. Black Nurse Leaders like myself need help amplifying our voices to bring equitable care and nursing education to the public. Find me at: The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences,